Tuesday, May 13, 2008

You've all probably heard of velib by now. But you probably don't know about the new bike system in DC. This is what it looks like:
Not quite as sleek as the velib, but it seems to have a more utilitarian striped down design. It almost looks like someone built a beach cruiser with a really low head tube, giant handle bars, and a basket which they gave up half way through.
While I always think it's a good idea for people to use bikes instead of cars, and this system clearly encourages it. I find it deeply disturbing, leave it to Americans to take a good idea from bike commuting countries in Europe and pervert it by licensing it out to conservative mega corporation Clear Channel

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Anonymous said...

I predict: only the young, the green and the eccentrics people will use these Clear Channel bikes.
One can say that the system works, when the elegant women and the most conservatives people use the program.
I think the neat and class design of the VĂ©lib is one of the major arguments for its success in Europe.