Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Electro Trike

I was checking out Bicycle Design the other day and came across this link which points to instructions on how to build the bike pictured above. I think this is a very cool and interesting idea. Its funny though because there is nothing which is more heinously uncool and unhip than ridding an adult size lime green trike, that is until you have it loaded up with grocery's and are effortless cruising up a steep hill. I want one for getting my groceries, then Trader Joes here I come. That being said, I think there is allot of room for improvements with with this design. The Trike used here is not designed for an electric motor, plus the current design gives you limited carrying capacity which is the biggest potential advantage. First off I would move the battery to the front rack, freeing up more space in the larger back one for cargo. Then I would install a folding lift system for the rear solar panel. This would have many advantages, allowing you to travel with a roof top for sun, add a removable soft plastic windshield for rain, access for cargo space, and finally you could better adjust your panel (through tilt) when the bike is parked to catch maximum sun power. Throw in a small wind turbine and you good to go for the long haul.

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