Monday, May 12, 2008

The cruiser

The cruiser is fun. I've posted about the other bikes that I use before. My road bike and my commuter bike are both fun bikes that I use everyday. But neither of them is really as fun or as easy to ride as the cruiser. One of the office bikes where I work (anyone who works here can use) The ideal bike for my office lunch break, it gets me daily to the beach and back so I can enjoy my lunch on the sand. One of the major reasons I enjoy ridding this bike, is Im not really worried about it getting stolen or scratched.
This combined with the upright seating position and 3 speed internal hub, make it a very relaxing bike to ride. Its also stylish a mix between dutch elegance and classic american cruiser style. The main draw back though of coarse is weight. This sucker is heavy probably like 35 pounds, going up bike hills is not an option. Now if someone would start building bikes like this that weigh 20 pounds, with perhaps 8 speeds, and still looked cool I would definitely have to go get myself one.

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