Monday, May 5, 2008

Bike Shop: Laguna Cyclery

One of the first things you'll notice when you walk into this shop, is that it is densely saturated with high end bikes and gear. Not a Trek, Specialized or Giant in sight. Due to its location in Laguna Beach, the shop can focus on only selling the best gear or as the owner of the shop Patrick puts it, "We sell the stuff I would want to be out ridding".

The next thing you will likely notice about this shop is it's apparent split personality. Underneath a rack of Colnagos, Times, and Cervelos is a rack of equally tricked out downhill Yetis, Marins, Turners. This can be attributed to the thriving local road and downhill scenes. Laguna Beach provides endless possibilities for both.

And on top of that sprinkle in a few swobo fixed gear's and the odd custom built cyclocross bike and you've got a pretty good picture of the shop. It's an inventory that would make just about any avid cyclist stocked, and possibly drool.

So stylish

The shops owner grew up bmx racing,
which lead him to road and cyclocross.

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