Friday, August 29, 2008

Campy Chours 11 spd First Look

I don't feel like writing right now & I will add more later

Pat you just said what?

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A thing of beauty

Sadly we still have 146 more days Bush

"No way... no how... no Mcain. Barrack Obama is my
candidate and he must be our president "
-Hillary Rodman Clinton , DNC 8/26/08

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

the B-side to Cadel the Pirate Evans

Since my photo B-side post has received such positive reactions:

Dude... you are as bad a photographer as you are a guest poster! Not 'hip hop' bad... crap bad.

I bring you the B-side to Cadel the Pirate Evans. I was surprised how well the silence loto jersy complements the pirate garb.

The B-side collection

On top of having a full time job as a graphic designer, ridding a bike to and from work, keeping a blog, surfing, and now a brief stint as a guest poster on BikeSnobNYC. I also happen to have a gig where I take pictures of bikes . I do it in exchange for bike parts and access to bike tools and maintenance facilities. So lately I've been taking allot of pictures of bikes. Most of them never to be seen by anyone but me. Every once and a while though, one comes out real nice. Most of these real nice ones of course I will never use. Either because they don't show the whole bike, only part is in focus, or the composition is just plain weird and out there. They are the B role and because I am sick of trying, and sometimes failing miserably, at writing. I bring you this post! My favorite bike pics.

Monday, August 25, 2008

When your in the OC

So part of this blog is me riding around with my camera taking pictures of the stuff I see around me in Orange County (another part is me creating poorly written captions to go along with them) . And I've seen some strange things, like this and this. Sometimes however, while I'm ridding around, I'll get so lost in my own little world that I'll forget I'm even in Orange County. I might image that I am someplace better, like Seattle on a sunny day, or Marta's Vineyard after all the yuppies have packed up their beach houses. Then I see something like this and it shocks my system back into reality.

( Specalized Roubaix locked up to a pole next to an Audi with RIMS! )

I know what all of you out there in the world of reality are thinking, free rear wheel! But the fact is, whomever , rode that bike to the beach rode home on it with two wheels intact. In fact bike owners have gotten so confident that now the mere presence of a lock some who implies safety. As this bike inexplicably demonstrates:

And even though leaning your bike up against a pole and casually. draping a lock over it is stupid, it doesn't bother me. And I don't want to get to much into locking technique, BikeSnob is the expert on that anyways There is however no shortage of stupid things here that do bother me. Take for example this Hummer H2 I encountered yesterday. I found it so visually and mentally offensive that the only thing I could do to make it right for myself was take a picture of it, post it on the internet and photo shop the license plate to read: DOUCHBAG!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

An Ode to Kona

( The Kona Ute )

I've been a long time fan of Kona bikes. My first real mt bike was a full suspension XC King Kiakapu and the bike that got me into road biking was a commuter Dew Deluxe. And as long as Kona keeps making bikes that come stock like this:

( Kona Sutra )

I will remain a fan of Kona bikes for years to come. P.S. someplease get me a Ute to test out, it would be way better than my road bike for getting grociers at Trader Joes.

( Kona Major Jake )

( Kona Africa Bike )

( Kona Honky Tonk, and yes those are downtube shifters )

( Kona Smoke )

Friday, August 22, 2008

Cyclostan Public Enemy NUmber One

I hereby officially name gaint flaming douche bag Rob Anderson Cyclostan Public Enemy number one. Read this Wall Street Jurnal Article to learn why Ron Anderson sucks. And for that matter so does the Wall Street Journal. There just another right wing republican mouth piece, but that's a topic for another post.

Freeman Fixie with S&S couplings

Reading the comments section on BSNYC yesterday I came across this post; Stan said... "Don't forget to pack your "Collapsible Fixed-Gear Bike" (only $2475) Which pointed towards this cool-hunting article My first initial reaction to a 25 hundred dollar collapsible fixie, was well that ridiculous.

And you know what, it is. The very idea of a travel bike, a bike that you take to strage places which are not familiar to you, that does not have any brakes is ridiculous. Your ridding in a strange city going down hill and your chain brakes, uhhhh... good luck. But with that being said, the more I looked at the bike and the custom travel bag. The more I start thinking... well these guys may be onto something. Due to the lack of a rear break cable, splitting the bike in half and packing it up becomes a no brainier.

You don't even need to take the wheels of it to pack it up. And anyone who has ever traveled cross country or cross content with a bike knows its a pain in the ass. I recently brought a bike cross country in a box, it sucked. Hell with that suitcase you could probably check that bag as standard luggage and pay no extra charge. If you put a front brake on this thing I'm sold, that is if I had an extra $2,500 sitting around that I wanted to spend on a fixie.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Kids don't try this at home

Someone recently brought this nearly finished fixed gear bike into the shop. He was very excited about the build and was anxious to add a chain. Then we asked him, where'd you get that crank? "I just took it off my Madone" he replied.

A quick look down at big ring and the rear cog revealed the sad truth, there was no way to run a straight enough chain line for a single speed chain. I told him this, then he asked "whats the solution to that?" Get a track crank, I replied. Or you can trade it fot that dirty Sanches over by the trash can. But whatever you do, don't try to take a double crank from a road bike and build a fixie around it. It's gona look stupid, unless you remove the inside chain ring. Either way though it will work like crap.

New Music I like

I recently rode my bike to the local music store (that right I still buy CD's) and picked up two new albums buy Sigur Ros and My Morning Jacket. I have now had a chance to listen to the two albums, and I can say that I recommend them both highly. Each album depart slightly form earlier work, but they still retain that essential essence that long time fans of both bands will love. Both albums also show an expanded range with both bands incorporating more intense upbeat tracks, and slower more introspect melodic ones as well.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

One Sweet Rig

tI don't normally do any post involving cars, but I saw this thing at the beach and I gota say it's pretty cool. Runs on used vegetable oil and has room for everything you'd possibly want to bring. Keep the Surfboards and replace the kayaks with bikes I'd be ready to venture off into the world.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

This one is special

Saw this on the street and I new I had to get a picture.

Holy Orange Bikes Batman!

Seeking custom bike: must, look ridiculous, be bright orange, have aero-bars, weigh 21 pounds, and match my running shoes