Thursday, August 21, 2008

Kids don't try this at home

Someone recently brought this nearly finished fixed gear bike into the shop. He was very excited about the build and was anxious to add a chain. Then we asked him, where'd you get that crank? "I just took it off my Madone" he replied.

A quick look down at big ring and the rear cog revealed the sad truth, there was no way to run a straight enough chain line for a single speed chain. I told him this, then he asked "whats the solution to that?" Get a track crank, I replied. Or you can trade it fot that dirty Sanches over by the trash can. But whatever you do, don't try to take a double crank from a road bike and build a fixie around it. It's gona look stupid, unless you remove the inside chain ring. Either way though it will work like crap.


Anonymous said...

Leaving a comment on an old post, but maybe you'll see it.

I agree that taking a road-crank and applying it as a fixed/ss won't give a proper chainline with that set up, but it could be done perfectly fine (single speed only) if he was simply using a standard road frame + SS spacers on the freehub, which offers an adjustment of the cog placement for a good chainline.

OR a WI Eno Hub, perhaps?

erik k said...

yes, I think your right, if he wanted to use that crank for a single speed his best bet would probably be to convert his old ma done with a single speed hub. I still think the only solution for that frame and wheel set is a track crank