Friday, August 22, 2008

Freeman Fixie with S&S couplings

Reading the comments section on BSNYC yesterday I came across this post; Stan said... "Don't forget to pack your "Collapsible Fixed-Gear Bike" (only $2475) Which pointed towards this cool-hunting article My first initial reaction to a 25 hundred dollar collapsible fixie, was well that ridiculous.

And you know what, it is. The very idea of a travel bike, a bike that you take to strage places which are not familiar to you, that does not have any brakes is ridiculous. Your ridding in a strange city going down hill and your chain brakes, uhhhh... good luck. But with that being said, the more I looked at the bike and the custom travel bag. The more I start thinking... well these guys may be onto something. Due to the lack of a rear break cable, splitting the bike in half and packing it up becomes a no brainier.

You don't even need to take the wheels of it to pack it up. And anyone who has ever traveled cross country or cross content with a bike knows its a pain in the ass. I recently brought a bike cross country in a box, it sucked. Hell with that suitcase you could probably check that bag as standard luggage and pay no extra charge. If you put a front brake on this thing I'm sold, that is if I had an extra $2,500 sitting around that I wanted to spend on a fixie.


Robert H said...

Any time you get couplers on a bike, geared or not, things get expensive. That said, if you have the money and travel enough... it could be worth it.

Anonymous said...

Those things that stop bikes are called "brakes."

erik k said...

anon 9:56... if I could only spell, I should really stick to art. But since you pointed it out, its fixed now