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On a Saturday Afternoon

I went for a ride and snapped a photo of this rather sanzy old 10 speed along the way. It was a nice day for a ride, one of the only days that week it did not rain. One thing that always seems to amaze me about going out for a ride is the people you run into along the way. About half way through my ride, I encountered an older gentleman ridding what looked like a late 90s Ti Merlin with Campy and old school looking tubular tires. They were glued on to a set of hand built 32 spoke wheels that looked like you could race a Pari-Rubaix on them. Prety solid and classy ride. I got to talking to him, and I would say we hit it of pretty well. About 20 minuets into he asked me what I was doing in the area and why I moved from California. It was at that point I told him about how I was going to grad school. His relpy was a bit of a stunner, "Oh I'm the Vice Chancelor of Acedemic Affaris at that shcool, you should stop by my office so we can talk again". This of course just further reneforeces the point, it always a good idea to go out for a ride, if your feelin the urge.

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