Friday, May 30, 2008

A few more things that society doesn't need

Mobilized killing machine

Personal flying death trap.

Whatever the hell this is.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Segway on Crack

So basically some designer said, "Hey lets make Segways bad ass! " While I guess this seems to achieve that, is it pratical for anything?

And before I would ever get behind the wheel? (well perhaps in front of in this case) of one of these things it would need one very important mod:

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Electro Trike

I was checking out Bicycle Design the other day and came across this link which points to instructions on how to build the bike pictured above. I think this is a very cool and interesting idea. Its funny though because there is nothing which is more heinously uncool and unhip than ridding an adult size lime green trike, that is until you have it loaded up with grocery's and are effortless cruising up a steep hill. I want one for getting my groceries, then Trader Joes here I come. That being said, I think there is allot of room for improvements with with this design. The Trike used here is not designed for an electric motor, plus the current design gives you limited carrying capacity which is the biggest potential advantage. First off I would move the battery to the front rack, freeing up more space in the larger back one for cargo. Then I would install a folding lift system for the rear solar panel. This would have many advantages, allowing you to travel with a roof top for sun, add a removable soft plastic windshield for rain, access for cargo space, and finally you could better adjust your panel (through tilt) when the bike is parked to catch maximum sun power. Throw in a small wind turbine and you good to go for the long haul.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

PlyWood bikes

These two wood bikes both hail form Scandinavia. The first frame seems to feature integrated Swedish furniture technology, allowing the frame to function as a seat post, shock absorber, and bike seat. However, if I were ever going to really use that bike, I would like to see a litle more padding installed.

This bike bare bones simplicity is inviting. I image the frame has a very unique ride, it looks a little wide though, which could cause the problem for some people who like to ride with their knees tucked in. This absence of brakes, and the smallish looking rear hub lead me to believe its a fixed gear, ridding this one down the street in Williamsburg, watch out for the bridge though there might be some weirdos lying around:

Photo: Spencer Tunick

Friday, May 23, 2008

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Arn't we all soo trendy!

While surfing the web today I decided I was board of looking at websites which only feature things related to cycling. Nothing out of the ordinary ya know, just need a change of topic. So I cruised over to the site cool hunting which is often amusing due to its smug sense of trendiness. It seems though I could not escape to topic of cycling, as only a few post deep I found this 12 bikes for girls as the link stared me down I found that it was going to be impossible to avoid clicking it. You could read the whole thing, but theres really no need because I've allready got all the best parts picked out for you right here:

"men can get away with the "fixed-gear as accessory" look

"City and coaster bikes are most well-suited to women and they come in fixed, single and multiple speeds"

- I love how they refer to single and multiple speed bikes with freewheels as almost a kind of silly after thought. The complete lack of introducing or explanation to the term "fixed" also illustrates the level of which it has proliferated into cool, or "hipster" society.

"The Langster ($740), a Velodrome/fixed-gear road bike, is a speed demon with sporty flat handlebars scream racing style."

-First off I have seen this bike in person, the handle bars are not flat. They are most similar to mt bike risers. So ya with fenders, riser bars, a front mounted coffee cup holder, and a flip flop single speed hub this bike definitely screams velodrome racing.

"Schwinn Sid and Nancy
Named for the notorious punk couple, Schwinn's Sid and Nancy"

-If Sid Vicious saw you ridding that bike, he would kick your ass.

All of the bikes shown below cost several thousand dollars:

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Random bikes that caught my attention

I can't really tell you much about any of these bikes, other than for one reason or another they have ended up on my hard drive. The first bike cagut my attention because it seems to be a 29er with drop bars, brifters, and Dura Ace on a 9 speed cog. Exactly what mad man concocted this we may never know, be he (or she) must truly be some sort of twisted genius. Even looking at it im not sure how it is actually possible. It's like a cyclocross bike and cross country bike got together and had weird bike mutt babies.

This one seems more seems a little more sensible and straight forward, until you look closely at the right brake hood and realize its just an empty shell. Im not sure which is stranger, that the rider went out of there way to remove the back brake form a bike they are ridding in the snow, or that they special order a part to fill in the void left by the removal of the brake.

Im speechless

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

the chowdah shop

New Dura Ace Update: 7900

There were more glimpses into the future of Dura-Ace at this year's Giro d'Italia. While earlier sightings were clearly less refined, these newer prototypes look as if they have only cosmetic improvements. From this side the profile of the flat top on the hoods looks a bit long, compared to Campy or SRAM. With the current setup on on my bike if I were to mount those levers I think I would be too stretched out to ride comfortably.

I do how ever think the new lower profile hood sare a significant improvement over the old giant hood style, which I was never a fan of. And as this photo confirms internal cable routing is present in the new design. This of course will mean a massive dumping of old carbon fiber handle bars who's one year warranty's have just expired, in favor of the new re-designed carbon handle bars with, wait for it, internal cable routing! I am of course happy about this because it will provide me with more options for handle bars that do not require me to run my shifter cables under my bar tape. Internally routed shifter cables are just more comfortable.

Friday, May 16, 2008

It's bike to work day

If you live somewhere like Portland, Seattle, or New York it's probably a pretty cool day to be out ridding a bike. But if your a average bike commuter, who doesn't live in a densely populated urban area, it's just another day out on a bike. While I like idea of lots of people riding a bike to work. Bike to work day fundamentally dissipation's me in that it is only one day. I know, its "bike month" and it happens to be to work week, and all top it of today is bike to work day! Its like they keep breaking down the level of accomplishment you need to feel like your doing something good for the planet and or your health / wallet (most people pick one and focus on it). Bike to work everyday, is to hard? ok how about doing it for a week? still to much? ok you can do it for just one day of the year! and since your lazy and need encouragement we'll make it a holiday! yay we'll eat cipo cake


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

You've all probably heard of velib by now. But you probably don't know about the new bike system in DC. This is what it looks like:
Not quite as sleek as the velib, but it seems to have a more utilitarian striped down design. It almost looks like someone built a beach cruiser with a really low head tube, giant handle bars, and a basket which they gave up half way through.
While I always think it's a good idea for people to use bikes instead of cars, and this system clearly encourages it. I find it deeply disturbing, leave it to Americans to take a good idea from bike commuting countries in Europe and pervert it by licensing it out to conservative mega corporation Clear Channel

Monday, May 12, 2008

The cruiser

The cruiser is fun. I've posted about the other bikes that I use before. My road bike and my commuter bike are both fun bikes that I use everyday. But neither of them is really as fun or as easy to ride as the cruiser. One of the office bikes where I work (anyone who works here can use) The ideal bike for my office lunch break, it gets me daily to the beach and back so I can enjoy my lunch on the sand. One of the major reasons I enjoy ridding this bike, is Im not really worried about it getting stolen or scratched.
This combined with the upright seating position and 3 speed internal hub, make it a very relaxing bike to ride. Its also stylish a mix between dutch elegance and classic american cruiser style. The main draw back though of coarse is weight. This sucker is heavy probably like 35 pounds, going up bike hills is not an option. Now if someone would start building bikes like this that weigh 20 pounds, with perhaps 8 speeds, and still looked cool I would definitely have to go get myself one.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

BSNYC wheelie

anon-"So I politely request a pic of snob doing a wheelie in the cowboy hat had flippin greg the bird"

Cylostan defense forces bike: special heroic duck edition

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

RTMS BSNYC Action Figure

Commiecanuk said... "BSNYC stickers are fine, but what we REALLY need are limited edition (by limited, I mean limited by how many you can sell) BSNYC figurines that we can keep in the box in mint condition. Each action figure should be anatomically correct (factoring in the bris), and attached accessories should include a top tube protector, a pie plate, a custom craigslist love ad and a tiny chrome Pista."

No one is safe

will this make me pedal faster?


Tuesday, May 6, 2008

the pie plate atacker

"If anybody in Traverse City can get close enough to this thing to slip it around his neck I'd really appreciate it." - RTMS-BSNYC

Orange County for Sale

If you had about 1.43 million $ you could probably buy this house or one of the other 365 houses on the market. But why would you want to, they will probably be worth half that in a few more years. Or in the case that it undergoes a foreclosure it will probably go more for the tune of $365,000 the average price of the 28 other foreclosed houses on the market right now