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where the shit goes down

This is my work station, and especially stoked on it right now because of the brand new 23 in monitor you see sitting atop of my, rather small desk. I found it at Best Buy, it was the last one in the store plus it was an open box item so it was like $ 80 off. I'm real glad I snatched it up, because Apple just discontinued these things (which I'm not happy about) and replaced them with this ridiculous over priced, over glossy, and black framed monitor. I'm a total mac guy, but this one I'm just not a fan of, I can't stand working on a glossy monitor. I hate looking into it and seeing my reflection, especially when you are working with allot of black, or have things on a black background in photoshop. It's s total nightmare I don't know why they don't offer it in a matte version. Acutely, they will probably release one in a few months and then charge more for it. Also it only comes with like 6 inches of connection cord, which would not be enough for my desk set up. So I'm glad a grabbed one before they were all gone, because if you do want to get a matte monitor form apple right now it's gona cost you $1,799.00. Oh well, now if they would just bring back the old style shuffle that had buttons on it.
Oh yah, here's some more new work.

Every day it comes up & down yet I am still amazed