Friday, December 21, 2007

Winter Solstice

As fairly prolific commenter, BikesGoneWild, pointed out today on Bike Snob today is the winter Solstice. Which of coarse means that everyday from here on out is going to get slightly longer until we hit the summer solstice in June. This is of coarse good news form most bikers, me especially because it means that soon I will not have the ride the buss home from work and will be able to resume my standard 2o mile round trip bike commute, yay!
(photo - winter solstice at stone henge)

The Next Segway?

Imagine a bike with one of those things rigged up to it? See some slow riders on the bike bath, or hit a bad patch of traffic on the streets just hit the switch and float away. An on board rechargeable battery could power the upward thrust and your pedal forces could be converted into forward momentum by way of a rear mounted propeller, and while your at it you would probably want as much suspension as possible to cushion your return to earth. Is this one of the most absurd ideas ever? probably but honestly how wouldn't want a flying bike? It would be expensive, heavy, dangerous, and generally impractical, it might even give you a legitimate reason to use a top tube pad! Sign me up lets hope they start shipping in 2009, now someone go out and make some!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

East Coast Goes Off

Coolest Legos Ever

I surfed into these morning and everyone I showed them to at worked freaked out on how awesome they are. enjoy

Music Industry has hit new lows

Yes you read it right, success is now defined in ring tones. Some please wake me up when all the record companies have gone out of business from churning out crap like this.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Bikes with Cool Paint jobs

heres a few bikes that i think look cool

I've always had a weird thing for orange on bikes, just like the way it looks a guess, I like the contrast on this bike. The orange really pops, nice clean looking chain as well adds to over all aesthetic of the shot. Must be a fun ride.

This bike is steel hand made and awesome, enough said

Trackstart and DQM collaborated on these custom painted pistas

Ok, this one isn't relay a paint job, but its one of the cooler stickers jobs I've seen. the "I heart police brutality" is one of my favorites

Monday, December 17, 2007


I saw this bike posted somewhere, really don't even remeber but i thought it was cool. Dosen't a cross bike like that just look straight up bad ass with disk brakes? so you can race on, but who cars I'd still probably be ridding that think everyday. Nothing like a really fast off road bike. And since there make bikes like this with disc brakes now, when are people gonna start getting realy crazy and running these things with 29er cross country suspension forks? ridiculous maybe, but awesome definitely

Monday, December 10, 2007

Snow Season Opener

snow season at big bear is off to a good start with back to back weekend storms blanketing the mountain in snow. Lets hope snow filled year with lots of powder.