Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Buy Nothing Day!

Come one, Come all, Buy Nothing!

Monday, November 19, 2007



These bags are handmade by women in Cambodia out of recycled rice bags. They are dyed by hand and each bag is unique with its own combinations of patterns, color, and typography. All the bags are imported and sold through fair trade agreements through Geko imports.

Friday, November 16, 2007


heres a little information design i created so you can see for yourself

alta cycles

This are some beautiful Scandinavian fixed gear bikes. Built by Alta they embody the Nordic design sensibility clean, minimalist, piratical, beautiful.

I shot this photo on 200spd 35ml throwaway camera. I hope film doesn't suffer the same fate as the tape cassette


Photo taken during a bike tour of chappaquiddick island over the summer the painting was as beautifull as the scenery. Going on the island is like steping back in time, there are no bridges to get there so cars have to take a car ferry, which there is always a huge line for. But bikers get to cut the line and ride straight to the front. The amount of bikes on the rack at the beach far outnumbers the amount of cars. The Japanese garden is beautifull as well dont forget to check it out if your ever on the island.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Water Bottles

Ever notice how when warm water has been sitting around in your sports bottle for a long time it starts to taste funny? ever drink hot water from a sports bottle sitting in the sun, only to spit it out because when it hits your lips not only is it very warm but it also tastes like your drinking plastic? hey thats funny, because go figure you are! Thats right my friends your experiencing a phenomena know as leeching. This is when the plasticizers in your water bottle are transfered directly into the water, mm.... yay you can almost taste the petroleum! and yes this is bad for you constantly reusing and refilling any type of plastic bottle sports or otherwise. Also bad for you heating or freezing foods in plastic. For cooking this applies especially in the microwave, were intense heat accelerates the leeching process. So what does it all mean? well basically plasticizers in your bottle are transfered into your water, which then transfers into your body, which hydrates your cells with plastic. This causes your cells to mutate then you have caner.

So what are we to do? what if your like me and want to reduce the amount of waste you create and frequently ride a bike for transportation and enjoyment. Thats where Sigg water bottles come in, the are made of aluminum and have a non leaching taste neutral inner lining. I ordered my girlfriend the one pictured online mysigg.com and will soon be testing the sports bottle model on my daily bike commute and maybe even trying it out on long weekend rides.

In Rainbows

If you haven't downloaded the new radio head album yet, crawl out from under the rock you have been living in and go to their website and download it. Its amazing, and if you are cheep you can pay as little as a dollar. Since when you download it there is no album artwork heres a picture of a rainbow that I took. Also worth checking out is Eddie Vedders new album, Into The Wild but I recommend seeing the movie (its the soundtrack) / reading the book fist

First Post.

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