Tuesday, May 20, 2008

New Dura Ace Update: 7900

There were more glimpses into the future of Dura-Ace at this year's Giro d'Italia. While earlier sightings were clearly less refined, these newer prototypes look as if they have only cosmetic improvements. From this side the profile of the flat top on the hoods looks a bit long, compared to Campy or SRAM. With the current setup on on my bike if I were to mount those levers I think I would be too stretched out to ride comfortably.

I do how ever think the new lower profile hood sare a significant improvement over the old giant hood style, which I was never a fan of. And as this photo confirms internal cable routing is present in the new design. This of course will mean a massive dumping of old carbon fiber handle bars who's one year warranty's have just expired, in favor of the new re-designed carbon handle bars with, wait for it, internal cable routing! I am of course happy about this because it will provide me with more options for handle bars that do not require me to run my shifter cables under my bar tape. Internally routed shifter cables are just more comfortable.

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