Thursday, May 22, 2008

Arn't we all soo trendy!

While surfing the web today I decided I was board of looking at websites which only feature things related to cycling. Nothing out of the ordinary ya know, just need a change of topic. So I cruised over to the site cool hunting which is often amusing due to its smug sense of trendiness. It seems though I could not escape to topic of cycling, as only a few post deep I found this 12 bikes for girls as the link stared me down I found that it was going to be impossible to avoid clicking it. You could read the whole thing, but theres really no need because I've allready got all the best parts picked out for you right here:

"men can get away with the "fixed-gear as accessory" look

"City and coaster bikes are most well-suited to women and they come in fixed, single and multiple speeds"

- I love how they refer to single and multiple speed bikes with freewheels as almost a kind of silly after thought. The complete lack of introducing or explanation to the term "fixed" also illustrates the level of which it has proliferated into cool, or "hipster" society.

"The Langster ($740), a Velodrome/fixed-gear road bike, is a speed demon with sporty flat handlebars scream racing style."

-First off I have seen this bike in person, the handle bars are not flat. They are most similar to mt bike risers. So ya with fenders, riser bars, a front mounted coffee cup holder, and a flip flop single speed hub this bike definitely screams velodrome racing.

"Schwinn Sid and Nancy
Named for the notorious punk couple, Schwinn's Sid and Nancy"

-If Sid Vicious saw you ridding that bike, he would kick your ass.

All of the bikes shown below cost several thousand dollars:

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veloben said...

Those last three bikes are truly ugly. Really, now I'm going to have nightmares.