Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Random bikes that caught my attention

I can't really tell you much about any of these bikes, other than for one reason or another they have ended up on my hard drive. The first bike cagut my attention because it seems to be a 29er with drop bars, brifters, and Dura Ace on a 9 speed cog. Exactly what mad man concocted this we may never know, be he (or she) must truly be some sort of twisted genius. Even looking at it im not sure how it is actually possible. It's like a cyclocross bike and cross country bike got together and had weird bike mutt babies.

This one seems more seems a little more sensible and straight forward, until you look closely at the right brake hood and realize its just an empty shell. Im not sure which is stranger, that the rider went out of there way to remove the back brake form a bike they are ridding in the snow, or that they special order a part to fill in the void left by the removal of the brake.

Im speechless


veloben said...

Well the first mutt bike is oddly compelling. In a bike way it's like the the motorhead trend of the 80's that had Pinto car bodies stuck on top of old Jeep frames and power trains. Tow horrible cars squished into one really grotesque and dangerous one.

But this guy seems to have a much better grasp of aesthetics, the result isn't that bad looking.

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