Monday, June 1, 2009

Laguna Beach to Zion National Park

Goodbye old fridge, we will miss you. Hello breakfast. Here's a few photo's from the road. PS vegan readers I'm sorry and yes I know I have Peta sickers on my fridge, my fiancee is a somwhat lackadaisical vegetarian, who occasionally eats fish.


libertyonbikes! said...

dude, you don't mess around.
already through st geaorge & in
zion's. hike the angels landing,
ask about goblin valley, DON'T GO
TO COLORADO CITY (like you would?),
4hrs to SLC, park intown & spend the day! seriously, don't rush to get back, cause it might be awhile
before you do this trip again.

actually impressed your fish is so well prepared & the 'neuter is cuter' sticker.

Ortolan said...

— Looks like an awesome start to yer new lives together, vegan or not.

; )