Friday, February 29, 2008

Ride Info: the low tech solution

First of, the owner of this bike clearly suffers from some sort of addiction to information overload. Between the map, GPS computer, watch, headlight & carpenters level. . . wait a carpenters level? on a bike? Yes indeed it is.

Now ask yourself, have you ever found yourself scratching to get to the top of a steep hill and asking yourself, I wonder how steep this hill is. Well if you have got a fancy GPS enabled cycle computer it can probably tell you, but those are expensive & cause frustration when they don't work (and apparently the one installed on this bike doesn't). If you are like me and don't like spend unneeded money & frustration on silly computers (I don't have one on any of my bikes) but you still want answers to such questions you could employ this low tech solution seen on this bike on cyclofiend. Now you probably won't ever catch me ridding around with a carpenters level installed on top of my handle bars, but it is an interesting idea.

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