Monday, February 11, 2008

Apple is Getting Sloppy: Part II

In response to Craig Sinclair's comment "did you try it?" Well actually no but that sounds like a good idea. My initial comment was just based of my years of experience with observation drawing & photography. Something told me that the photo just didn't look right. So here you go, While this photo may not be the exact same angle (it is very close), my photo shows quite clearly that the dock icons are not visible. I would like to however point out thought it is technically possible to see the dock icons in the reflection, just not at the angle that apple used for their add. For the dock icons to be visible in the reflection the camera would have to be placed on the ground plane at the x-axis, also for the dock icons to be visible you would not be able to see the keys on the keyboard. So theres your prof and it actually turned out be a pretty cool photo.

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