Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Mars Volta: New Album

This album is amazing. It marks the bands return to an album with a centralized concept throughout the album. Based on the bands experiences with a Ouija board the band nicknamed Soothsayer which was purchased by Omar in a curiosity shop in Jerusalem. The Soothsayer offers them a story:

"It‟s always about a man, a woman, and her mother. About the lust floating between them. About seduction and infidelity. And pain. And eventually, murder. Entrails and absence and curses and oblivion. Exactly the kind of spooky shit you'd want from your Ouija. Now here comes the rub. The Soothsayer starts asking the band what they have to offer. This connection
thats set up runs both ways, and the invisible voices begin to speak of their appetites. They threaten oblivion and dissolution, or offer it as seduction. The voices merge as Goliath, a metaphysical quagmire and unfed saint whose hunger to return to the real world grows more urgent with each connection. " — Jeremy Robert Johnson, October 27th, 2007, Portland, Oregon

The band believes the spirit of Goliath has begun haunting their lives, the album became part of their efforts to rid the lives of its torment. The album also features a new drummer, Thomas Pridgen, but fear not Mars Volta fans he is truly amazing and this album is simply an awesome, ass kicking, psychedelic, masterpiece.

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