Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Orange Bikes & Pure Destructive Rage

There has recently been allot of coverage on bike blog about the wrath that has been unleashed upon DKNY's orange bike , pro bike campaign. The photos are quite string, and seem to convey a sense of true raw emotion and rage that has been unleashed upon the wasted orange painted bikes. The reaction against this simple ploy of commercialism attempting to take advantage of the current popularity of bike culture, is a testemate to the independent spirit and nature of those who choose to pedal their way through the world. The police apparently have been removing the bikes from all over the city, and they will likely be discarded, but i suggest that they should have a different fate. A permanent installation and the decrepit remains of these bikes, would no doubt be a moving and thought provoking exhibit, that would speak simply and clearly to viewer in a way that many avant gard art installation simply cannot.

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