Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Apple is Getting Sloppy

Apple is reflection happy, while that may be old news, this screen shot from their new TV add shows just how far they are willing to go for that shiny apple reflection look. Look closely at the reflection underneath the computer, not only can you see the front of the screen but you can also see the reflection of the dock icons! Reflection through the key board and the envelope none the less. Its funny that with all the time and money that was spent developing this national TV add campaign no one noticed or had the balls to step up and tell Steve, that the reflection just doesn't make any sense. Its impossible put a laptop on a mirror and see what happens, it definitely won't look like that.


Craig Sinclair said...

did you try it? the reflection in the picture is fine. That's how objects reflect. technically the light is reflecting off the surface in front of the computer, not underneath it.

erik k said...

yes, but no.. and i did try it