Tuesday, April 15, 2008

RVCA + Cinelli



As an owner of both a RVCA tee shirt and Cinelli bar tape, I feel that this type of branding conglomeration may be directed at someone like me. There is supposed to be some kind of art show called Pressure. Not sure where they are going with that title, pressure to buy?

Pressure is a haute couture bike show!

Launch Date & Time World Premiere Thursday | 19th June | 2008 7pm To 10pm

Location Vasf Gallery 1485 Haight St San Francisco | Ca"

But now there's no need to go, just look above. Through the magic of photo shop you can see what the bike's at the show are generally like going to look like. You want one? Well get ready to pony up 3 grand for the frame.

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