Tuesday, April 1, 2008

killing for clean coal

Many of you may have seen this add on television before; Lots of happy people enjoying electricity! Look isn't it making our lives better! & were not burning foreign oil & it's all brought to you by CLEAN COAL! well I feel much better now.

Well thats what A small group of people and a Lot of money wants you to think. Because even though they are allready extraordinarily wealthy, they stand to make ALLOT more money by convincing you coal is a good idea.

The TRUTH about coal is much different. Much of the industry hype around clean coal deals with promoting the use of a carbon sequestration process, which at this stage is more theoretical than anything

"coal-fired power plants in commercial production which capture all carbon dioxide emissions, so the process is theoretical and experimental and thus a subject of feasibility or pilot studies. It is has been estimated that it will be 2020 to 2025 before any commercial-scale clean coal power stations (coal-burning power stations with carbon capture and sequestration) are commercially viable and widely adopted.[4 - wikipedia "

The other side of the story is where the coal is coming from. The process of coal extraction in the US has taken a very dark, sick, and twisted turn. Ultimately though it is just another example of the ruthless nature of system of capitalism, hell bent on endless growth. Mountain top removal mining is the cheapest, fastest, easiest and most destructive and devastating form of coal mining. This is the real world effect of decision making driven only by bottom line profit margins. Of coarse, the little idiot and his cronies have a hand in this one

"Clean Coal has been mentioned by United States President George W. Bush on several occasions, including his 2007 State of the Union Address. Bush's position is that clean coal technologies should be encouraged as one means to reduce the country's dependence on foreign oil-wikipedia "

I should also mention that coal is backed by a number of other politicians including Barack Obama and Hillar Clinton. However much of unchecked environmental destruction has been made possible by the little idiot's numerous cut backs on environmental protection standards.

There are many sites and web pages out there about mountain top removal, but one of the common shortcoming I saw a failure to properly communicate visually impact & destination caused by this process. When viewing arial shots of mining sites it becomes difficult to really understand the extent of what you are seeing. This Image (above) shows you a close up view of what you are seeing form above. In these two photos I find the stark contrast between where the forest remains and where mining has taken place especially dramatic and disturbing

The web page where I found the above image also had this chilling story of how the people who clear cut and bulldozed the land thoughtlessly murdered a family of bears:

"“They had done cut all the timber off of the site,” Ed remembers. “I got to sit there lookin. Dozers were pushing the soil off. I saw that the momma bear had poked out her head, heard the dozer, and then gone back inside. They kept gouging her way… and then I watched them doze her in.” As Ed watched, the momma bear was buried alive with her cubs at her side. “Now I’ve heard a bear die, and it depends how they’re shot. But there ain’t nothing like hearin that momma bawl, knowin her babies are dying as she gets dozed in. Those cubs don’t even have their eyes open. They might have been old enough to crawl, but they weren’t old enough to escape. What it witnessed that spring, it bothered me. It hurt me.- It's Getting Hot In Here"

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