Monday, April 21, 2008

Decoding the Conservative Lexicon

"violence is soo cool!"

Every once and a while you wake up and think, maybe things are really starting to get better in the world. That is until you come across a web site like, right wing This site quickly reminds you that, if you are living in America, a significant portion of the population are generally morons and believe the various things represented on this site. I've personally picked out some of the most heinous, offensive, stupid, and generally nonsensical of the bunch and provided translations so all of you non-right wing conservative types out there can know what they really mean.

Realy means: "I am openly racist & hate all Mexicans or just about anyone who speaks Spanish. But Jesus says I'm supposed to be forgiving or something crazy like that. So I generously allow them clean my house for 4$ a day."

Really means: "Its cool to kill people, as long as they don't live very close to me and aren't white, excluding of coarse communist and hippies they deserve to die, John McCain for President!"

Really means: "Ok, so we ran out of original ideas"

Really means: "Wait a minute, I can't remember exactly why we hate the ACLU. Oh yeah, of coarse it's because they are commies who hate free speech"

Really means: "I hate, hunting, fishing, boating, golfing and anything ells that involves getting out the the hermetically sealed environment of my car and or household, and or RV"

Really means: "I love to watch Pat Robertson on TV after I'm done beating my wife"

Really means: "Soldiers will sing this to drown out the screams of innocent children being burned to death in their mothers arms"
Really means: "Seriously what are all of you stupid peace loving, hippie, leftist liberal softies whinning about it has only cost us, ###
Iraq War Cost "
Really means: "After we finish ethnic cleansing in the home land, we can put more energy into killing Muslims"


bikesgonewild said..., my, my, isn't somebody feeling pissy....but hey, i gotta agree w/ ya all the way !!!...

Matthew Overby said...

Your just a gay-frenchy-french-hippy-peacnik-pinco-commie-lib who's probably a mere Woman too. POPE BENNIDICT XVI FOR WORLD RULER!!!!