Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Flax Bikes

I saw this bike on a link posted at bicycle design which sent you to the bike makers website website museeuw bikes. The frames are made from carbon fiber and flax. Which is supposed to be a good combination, working something like plain old carbon fiber but better. Whats more they have now start to put the flax on the out side of the frame instead of hiding in inside, the visual result of that is very stunning.

These are clearly some beautifully crafted bicycles. Their appearance is also similar to some wood bikes I've posted on before. If I owned either of those bikes I would be very happy about it. I would change nothing on the track bike. However, I find the SRAM red group to be a little to flashy for the road bike and I think it takes away from the over all appearance. Record would go better in this case, of coarse Red does look very good on other bikes. Also I find the graphical treatment on the wheels to be a bit to much as well. Perhaps a set of lightweights would be more elegant.

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