Monday, March 10, 2008

More crazy pedals

Are you looking for the lightest possible pedal cleat system? Do you weigh your inertubes to see which one is lightest? Do you hate ridding in winter because your jacket is simply too heavy? Do you shave your entire body because you think losing the excess hair weight makes you faster? Then these pedals may be for you. (yes that thing below this is a pedal)

The pedals are made entirely out of 6-4 Titanium and are probably the most minimal solution possible. From what I have read about them, clipping in to these pedals takes some getting used to, you have to align the cleat just right over the center of the pedal. You can clip into any side of pedal due to its round design. But there is apparently not allot of feed back to let you know you are clipped in, ie. no load reassuring click like you get form keo's to let you know you are in there.

I found a product review on pez cycling news this is an excerpt from it talking about the weight of the pedals.

"The pedals themselves (both spindle and mech) are made from the less common (and more
expensive) 6-4 Titanium. The cleat is stainless with an engineered plastic surround. The pedals, cleats and screws came in at 160 grams on the Pez scale. Not bad considering the Speedplay Zero Ti come in at 164 grams for just the lollypop pedals alone, with no cleats or screws. While both companies state slightly different numbers, pretty much all bike parts weigh in different than stated, and these weights are very close (so acceptable variance…). pedals"

I also found this on the internet.

"Due to heavy military and aerospace use and a worldwide shortage of pre-preg carbon fiber materials, M2RACER was forced to close down in the summer of 2006."

So if you want a pair you'd better start looking on ebay.

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