Monday, March 31, 2008

Get ready to throw out your iPhone!

Yep, its that time again, it seems there is a new iPhone coming out in June. Officially none of this news is more than rumors, but lets face it Steve jobs was planning this back when he delivered the original keynote presentation for the iPhone, more than a year ago, "He specifically said (video clip) that Apple plans on making "3G phones and all sorts of amazing things in the future-Mac Rumors" So yah, apparently the new new iPhone has new technology...

"There's been so much talk about the possibility of the "3G" iPhone, it can be hard to keep up with all the rumors. First of all, "3G" technology promises broadband-like speeds over wireless cellular networks. At present, the iPhone only offers 2.5G (EDGE) speeds, which means your web pages and email download at relatively slower speeds.-Mac Rumors" blah, blah, blah... ok they made it faster. Didn't see that one coming oh yah, and they are giving it a new chip! "newly announced 3G chipsets promise to address these power issues-Mac Rumors"

So what does this all mean? Well parents of over spoiled children brace your self for a lot of winning. Surely across the country the cry will ring out, "MOM! you have to knit me a new 3G iPhone, this old 2G one sucks, I'm Totally throwing it out!

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