Friday, March 7, 2008

Lew Racing's 850g wheels

These wheels weight just 850g a set, yes a set. Your probably thinking, thats crazy light and your right. Apparently these are the lightest wheels in the world. Built US-based Lew Racing, but seriously I don't think you will even see many pros racing on these, they would probably have add weight to their bikes just meet the UCI standards.

This bike reportedly wights a whopping seven pounds. The owner of this bike Mr G√ľnter Mai (that's his bike in the photo below), who decided that it was possible to shave even more weight of the wheels. After machining the axle end caps, replacing the steel freehub pawls with titanium pawls, changing out the wheel hub spacers with titanium spacers, using tapered carbon/boron axles and Si3N4 full ceramic bearings, he reduced the already light wheels to a measly 734g. Obviously this guy is a serious weight weenie, oh wait you are too? and you want a pair? well I hope you got a good rate when you refinanced your mortgage because that 600$ stimulus package won't come even close to getting you these 15,000$ hoops.
More about this insanely light bike here


bikesgonewild said... how comfortable do you feel on a long 50mph descent on a bike like that ???...honest question...

erik k said...

haha, well that depends on your bike shorts... but if its that light how stiff can it be?