Monday, October 27, 2008

This Kona Ute with integrated electric assist drive train, was spotted at Interbike this year. This one is supposedly a prototype for next years model. I've been a fan of Kona's production version of the long bike style human powered utility vehicle, since it's release last year. They were the first major bike company to take a shot a segment of the market, which was generally the realm of custom builds only. The major limiting factor of course for these bikes, is weight. Specifically how much weight the ridder can effectively power forward over any existing hills on the way to and from the store. Simply put, by adding an electric motor to a Kona Ute bike, it exponential increases the amount of potential users who can realistically use it to decrease their dependency on automobiles and fossil fuels. Overall I think this prototype is looking solid, however due to the added weight of the motor and potential for heavy loads I do think this bike needs front and rear disc brakes. The regular Ute is specced with a front disc brake and rear V-brake. This one looks like it dynamo type front hub. I'm excited to see what Kona has up their sleeve with this one. Look for this bike in the next model year.

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