Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Mutt

This bike has a long sort of ongoing project. It started as a sensible reasonably priced commuting machine. It was the bike I got, when I decided to start ridding to work an school, I wanted something that could get me down to the beach but still be fast on the road. It cost 599 brand new two years ago. It now features several parts who's price equal or eclipses that figure.
What got me started with the whole cycle of compulsive upgrading, was the 8 speed drive train the bike came equipped with. It was paired up with a triple crank, which featured a 48 on the big ring. The 8 speed sucked, and it was the first thing to go. The combination brake/trigger shifter levers that the bike came equipped with were well crappy. So, first came the 9 speed XTR drive train upgrade. I put an ATR cassette, rear derailleur, and trigger shifters on it. The wheels came next. I settled on 29er wheels after realizing there was really no one selling a good after market set of road disc wheels. The latest addition is the crank set. You mat be thinking to yourself, "why the hell did he put a compact slk light on a mt bike?"
Well first off, I don't really know if you can call it a mt bike, or a road bike, or even a commuter for that matter. It's just simple a mutt, and its the only bike I've ever seen with an XTR rear derailleur, and a Dura-Ace front. Also I sent FSA my crappy broke as old road crank, and they then sent me that brand new shiny one. But either way the bike is awesome, or at least I think so. The shifting, is actually amazingly good, which surprised me since Im using a mt bike trigger to shit a double road bike crank set. What's next? Im contemplating new brakes, possibly hydraulic, and I would also like a carbon front fork. If I ever get to that point the only thing still stock on the bike will be the frame and headset. Yes I realize I may have a problem, but for now that's the way I like it.

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WheelDancer said...

Cool bike!

My commuter is undergoing a similar transformation but cash-flow isn't helping the project move forward. i started with a Craig's List purchase of a Surly Karate Monkey frame. My first upgrade was custom rims that were dual-brake compatible just like the frame which had rim brakes but now is sporting disc. Drive train is next up...