Thursday, October 2, 2008

Evil's Bike

When I first saw this bike I thought to myself, that's the most insane handle bar configuration I have ever seen. After having met the owner and ridden with him a few time, my opinion remains unchanged. But I can tell you that it is one fast bike, can you image ridding with your hands that close to the wheels?
If your wondering to yourself what kinda of person would ride a bike like this, I bring you this photo of the owner of this unique bike, Christian aka "Evil".


Anonymous said...

the bars don't bother me as much as
all of the non-matching reds. bet
you could get very aero with in those bars though

rusty said...

I hope he never has the misfortune of going over his bars and landing on his chin. Evil better stay away from mountain biking.

Anonymous said...

he's trying way too hard

Patrick said...
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