Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Please send me more stuff!

First of, I want to say thanks to FSA. I sent them my old crapy beat up, non functioning road bike crank and they sent me this brand new shiny one. So to sum it up in one word, Awesome. The crank I sent in, was on my road bike. Since then though I have acquired a K-Force light with ceramic bottom bracket which is staying on my road bike. So that means this bad boy is going on the Kona. I'm excited about this because I've been wanting to turn that bike into a double for a while now anyways. The 50/34 compact gearing may be a bit high, but hey its free so I'll take what I can get. Maybe one day I'll put cyclocross gearing on it, something like 48/32 with 9 speed in the back. Oh, yah FSA I'm willing to give wheels a second chance, if you send me a pair that dosn't squeek insecantly.

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