Tuesday, October 21, 2008

They're Everywhere

After spewing forth, yesterdays triathlete mocking piece it is only fitting that I should be confronted with even more aero bar fueled insanity. Pictured above you can see further proof of the triathletes love of the SUV. What's funny about his picture is this person is making the opposite mistake of his porsche driving brethren. If you look closely inside the car you can see a surfboard. This car is parked at Sano and I saw it right before I went surfing last night. If your the owner of this Element / Cervelo combo, than put your bike in the car! The sea spray is going to destroy it, and for that matter why did you bring your bike to the beach, to go surfing! This seems to be a disturbing new trend in so call surf culture, as I have see people lug their road, fixed gear and tri bikes down to the beach when they are clearly on a mission to go surfing. It seems fixed gear bikes have integrated their way into socal long board culture. Hipster longboarders are of course drawn to fixed gears. Ridding angresive racing bike with no brakes around town, is about the equivelent of surfing a 40 pound single fin with no leash and wetsuit (no matter what the tempatrue) And then there is this bike:

words cannot describe

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