Friday, June 27, 2008

the indignity of bicycle commuting: a tribute to BSNYC looming obstructions

At first you want to be angry that there is a large sign blocking the newly striped bike lane, and then you read it and anger turns to confusion. Then it all becomes clear the world is full of morons.

Then shortly after I saw this yellow Schwin Varsity which makes me fell all happy and warm inside. Have a good weekend!


bikesgonewild said..., did you in fact, ride into the sign after an evening down at the local brew pub ???...

...hey, just askin'...

gwadzilla said...


it is a fun shot
sorry I did not have you to credit when I posted it

good stuff

graphic design... some years back I had the ambitions to be a graphic designer

interesting that you tracked it down on my page


erik k said...

oh dude no worries, Im just glad to see other people digging it. it was on failblog before it made it to drunk cyclist.

Anonymous said...


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