Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Dana Point Grand Prix

There was a race in Dana Point, this weekend right down the street from my house and while I did not not enter I still felt compelled to blog abut it. It was a cit cours with some very tight high speed turns, such as the one pictured above. In the morning there were amateur heats and a whole masters series (30-50 years old), then there were kids races, and cat 3 and cat pro 1 & 2 races in the after noon.

The Pro race started at 4:30, I arrived fashionably late only to come face to face, with minions of "The King of the Pants".

(this abomination was the winning bike, Dura Ace wheels and crank with Campy Record)

It seems though Mr. Ball was not in attendance,
he did send however send a stand in.

Thats right Floyd Landis was in attendance, his role in the race being something like a celebrity master of ceremonies. Rock Racing even won the race, with a strong showing on the podium clearly here to stay. I can already hear Michael Ball chanting, "Tour de France, here I come!"

Lots of people came out to watch, there were kids on brake less fixies.

People in causal clothing ridding on insanely expensive wheels.

And this lady:

Can't wait till next year see you there!

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