Monday, May 18, 2009

New baby on the way

Proudly sporting' a reverse Mancebo Mullet. This bike was born yesterday, and it was briefly ridden slowly in circles around the parking lot. I feared not do much more as the front tubular tire is not yet glued on. It's mine by the way, and all of the other bikes belong to my friends. Who worked with me, on a web project we did for a dude who owns a bike shop. Pretty simple, we made him a website and he built of bikes for us in return. So were all stoked, the owner was even getting so amped on the fixies that he went ahead and built one up for himself (the on with red grips). My bike still needs some fine tuning but I think it's come together nicely.


bikesgonewild said...

...nice...& cool that you guys could work out a trade...ride safe...

...i'm gettin' inspired & i'm prob'ly gonna do a fixie/flop/freewheel bike come early fall...fenders, some small bags, etc..."english-y" w/ drops n' brakes...

...i've got a cool summertime single, straight bar 'towny' (old stripped down bianchi racebike) but i need a a rain n' mucky roads bike...& yep...despite admonishments from a certain to remain nameless segment, the fenders will STAY on the bike...

libertyonbikes! said...

not to ignore your beauty,
but lets see the wheels on that other soma.
what's the status on the marin?

watch out though,
bikes are like rabbits,
next thing you know you're hiding them from the girl,
your dirty little habit.
then you have a bike for each month,
and no girl.
we all know that guy.