Friday, February 13, 2009

Todays post brought to you by the color green

It's Friday again and as usually I'm struggling to come up with an interesting post. Something about the end of the week. All my good ideas usually seem to be used up. So for today I've decided to go with the theme of the color green. Since the weekend is just round the corner I'll start with a nice my favorite shot Italian beer Peroni (little know fact drinking Peroni makes you a better mechanic, but only on bikes with Italian threaded bottom brackets).
For good measure I've sprinkled in a few green bike shots, and this scooter which was stolen (er borrowed / vandalized / turned into art project) from the owner of the Local Bike Shop.
The scooter was of course returned and now looks like this. Also in the spirt of the Long weekend I'm taking a small blogging vacation, and plan on tentatively returning to posting next Wednesday-ish. But it all depends what I feel like doin.
So to all of you who read my blog thanks, and I hope you enjoy and keep reading. And an extra thanks to any of you who have ever taken the time to leave any type of comments, all are appreciated and give me the feeling I'm doing all this for some sort of good reason.

Continuing today's green theme, I bring you my first reader submitted bike post. Brought to you by Aaron of Seattle's . Enjoy his his brand new green, "whip". I'm sure Tim the Masiguy would approve. Thanks Aaron


kale said...

I thought Wednesdays were sponsored by green?

I'm not complaining, though.

erik k said...

haha,,, good point. but Fridays are sponsored by half-assness

ant1 said...


Ortolan said...

— Thanx for posting my bike and for the kind words via email today... good times!

Anonymous said...

i guess it's an optical illusion, but the green cranks look like there are no threads for the pedals?