Monday, February 23, 2009

This Weekend: it was a good one

This was a big weekend for cycling in California. The Tour of California warped up in Escondido, with huge fan fare as California local Levi Leipheimer won this third straight victory in a row. I was lucky enough to be in Escondido on Sunday to watch it all unfold.
If you've read about the race ells where online then you've probably heard about the crowds. Thanks to good weather and lots of genuine enthusiasm there was a great turn out. I got lots more photos but today you just get this teaser shot. I will do a full post on the my experience at the race tomorrow. Also lined up for you this week
I will be bringing you a post on Di2. Which will include a very up close and personal look at the new parts. Plus my very own test ride write up. I've got a loot of photos to get through and process so stay tuned. Until then enjoy yet another surreal looking California sunset.

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