Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The case for failure

I for one, hate the American auto makers. I hate what they stand for, I hate what they've done, and I hate the ugly inefficient cars they continually churn out. They've made bad decisions, they feed into greed and excess, and they fight every inch of progress tooth and nail kicking, screaming and throwing law suits. All while blaming government regulations, for the crippling effect of having the inability to make even remotely appealing or attractive cars.

As California’s attorney general, Jerry Brown, pointed out on NPR:

“The irony here is the auto companies want a bailout, in many ways because they weren’t building the kind of cars that were compatible with today’s energy market – and at the same time, they want to keep going with their lawsuits, which have already cost millions and millions of dollars.” - read about the lawsuits
I think it is very unfortunate that I feel this way, as I do not wish failure on the thousands of Americans who depend on these companies for employment. However I feel that is perhaps for the greater good that they must become temporary casualties of the war on stupidity. A war which is waged against, the leaders of the powers of stupidity, such as big 3 CEOs and their corporate underlings. Once these organizations have declared bankruptcy, maxed out their credit, defaulted on all their loans, and come toppling down. The restructuring can begin. Then and only then, we can start creating new and better jobs for all of America's new economic refugees.

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libertyonbikes! said...

very well put! and nice to know i'm not the only person under 40 that's listened to NPR. my disgust and start to bike commuting was due to the greed of the oil companies. then i realized it's easy to live car lite or car free, but the auto manufacturers have for fifty years lobbied for roads, roads that create 'suburbia' and changed (destroyed) cities. by the way, thanks for the link for 'clusterfucknation'. i finally realized he's right in my back yard & has several books on urban planning........
your blog is comming along nicely!
and the words are just as good as the photos.