Tuesday, January 27, 2009

the bike is a Cento Uno

It has come to my attention recently that people are in fact reading my blog. I now even have (update) 9 followers. I use the term, “Reading” loosely because that would imply that I actually write something, on a regular basis with some level of competence above that of a high school freshmen. But thats ok, I know when people say, “I enjoyed reading a post today on k-wall blog” (and yes someone has actually said it) they really mean, “I liked looking at the pretty pictures of the really expensive bikes”. However I do realize, dear reader that you must have many questions. Questions like, “what’s the deal with all the expensive bikes? where do they come from?, what’s the point of this blog? why is there a seal driving a boat? I’d like to day I could provide you with answers, but I really can’t. The blog is what it is, and Im kind of just along for the ride. I can reveal to you however, that the steady stream of high end bikes is made possible by a good relationship I have, with two dudes who build and sell absurdly nice bikes. In many ways blogging is like many things in life, where 70% of it is just showing up and looking the part. You can pretty much fudge the rest.


Dan Webster said...

I like reading the blog too....I especially like the photos of the expensive bikes. HA!

KJ said...

I figured you just worked in a really nice bike shop, but now the truth comes out!

erik k said...

ya, well I work full time as a graphic designer

libertyonbikes! said...

i would also add to your resume, something no one else claims:

class substitute for the talented
mr. snobby himself!

(along with being the bicycling version of hugh heffner, showing you things you'll never get- bikes,
talking about bikes).