Monday, September 15, 2008

Super Record Image dump

There has been much discussion about the new aesthetic of Super Record. At first I was appalled, but after seeing them in person they have grown on me slightly. Tester have reported that the hoods are comfortable and work better for breaking. I still like the last generation design better. Also after talking to my friend who built and sold that $10G Prince, I found out that you can now only throw three gears down. So, no more "dumping" the cassette. He also said the action is lighter than the Record on his bike, something ells we didn't like. (former Shimano users may feel the opposite way). I do however think it looks nice on this Prince and someone was willing to pay $10,000 cash to buy it. So I guess that a sign of health for the cyclonomy or perhaps someone is just trying to launder drug money through the acquisition of high end bicycles, either way do you think?


Anonymous said...

Sorry. As much as I love Campagnolo and its history, the new SR isn't worthy of the name. Latron

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Jeez Latron,
That's a completely empty statement...
There seems to be a particular breed of Campyphile who can't be appeased...Only turning back time would come close.
So...What makes SR so unworthy?
The audacity of Campy to use carbon fiber...ceramic...titanium (??) dare add an 11th cog (??)...I'm a bit confused at what some Campy fans seem to want...complete, utter design & technological stagnation(?) Campy must evolve or die (just like it's competitors)... If you don't your market share will die with the vocal minority (who will hold you back).
SR is as good as it gets in its class. Could it be improved? Absolutely...What product can't...Unworthy(?) a worthy case for us.