Friday, September 5, 2008

Is That Your Bike?

(This is my bike - picture above)
In response to:

rusty said... Is that your US Postal Trek in the background?

NO. honestly I think that bike rivals the absurdity of the one in the fore ground. Its a Trek team issue replica racing frame, with a rear rack, a stem with a huge riser, and sky high areo bars. At least the cruiser isn't trying to be something its not, it says "I'm ridiculous" and owns it. This Trek wants to say "I'm fast and racy" but the owner seems to have other plans.

While I don't think anyone could convince me to ride this frame. If I was riding it, it would look something more like this:

So this is how the frame is intended to be set up. And I've taken the liberty of removing the areo bars altogether. Its amazing how much less offensive looking the bike is without them.


rusty said...

I was kidding! But, I appreciate the post. Nice Marin too.

erik k said...

haha, rusty ya I figured that, but when I took that picture, I knew somewhere inside that, the Trek deserved its own post.

brettok said...

But I notice you left the rack on! Your practical side getting the better of you? (oh and only one d in riding...) ;)