Thursday, September 18, 2008

I realy hope these two arn't the only ones

This Redneck Manifesto written for BBC, is an attempt to explain to European Anglo Saxons why a bunch of uneducated, ignorant, and overweight asshats basically have control over the whole country. I like to think, that I am politically involved. I vote when ever given the opportunity and I plan on voting in the upcoming election. Even though I know no mater who I vote for its sadly not really going make a difference. California is a blue state, despite the efforts of the vast swaths of Conservative Republicans in Orange County and the Skin head gangs in LA & San Diego

And I'm not a redneck, I don't live in a swing state that's all there is to it. But Ill still vote, its really more about the idea of it. Perhaps we should do away with the electoral college. I don't really know, the voting system is just a bunch or red and blue racketeering. Many precinct's are rigged we've seen that very clearly in Florida. Where there are still sadly, groups of people working towards the goal of deturing and in some cases denying low income African Americans from voting. Disenfranchisement is alive and well across the country right now, and who is going to stop it? Im fearful of where some people are willing to take us, and how other people deny where we are. It's doesn't mater how many times you tell them you can't win an occupation, they will just keep asking you why aren't willing to fight in the war.

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WheelDancer said...

Great post, I particularly like the confetti analysis!