Thursday, January 28, 2010

Winter bike

The second half of January has provided somewhat of a break from the crushing cold, ice, and snow that had befallen the east coast early this winter. So with the partial thaw I've had the opportunity to get back out and put in some more miles. But even on the warmest January day my desire to put in the big miles, melts away like a snowman in death valley. My rides must be short and sweet, perfect for the fixie. I'm finally starting to really get all the hoopla about that off season fixed gear training mantra stuff:

"Early season development on a fixed gear.
A cyclist should spend the first 1600 kms of the season pedaling a fixed gear machine. This period helps develop the ability to spin a larger gear with greater fluidity, blessing the rider with the ultimate skill, a skill the French refer to as supplesse, or “suppleness”. A rider begins with a lower gear combination, working up slowly every 500 kms, progressively building in gear size."
-Belgium Knee Warmers

Besides all that, we all know they are just damn fun ride. Plus I get to ride my tubulars; 404's at 100 psi = magic

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