Wednesday, April 1, 2009

It's not all about cruisin

I've been spotting more bike commuters lately.

Areobars on PCH, dont make sense.
His hands will never leave the brake levers.

Waiting for the free buss.

No shortage of roadies either.

Newport kids have become deeply entrenched in the fixie trend. I'd be willing to bet they get some old hand me down parts from dad's road bike. Or perhaps these are, their big brothers bikes. Looking at that seat height its hard to imagine that kid actually ridding that thing.

Surfing last night was delightful.

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bikesgonewild said... know, having been around cycling since the invention of the wheel, i find it funny & ironic that there is this "trend" that centers around 'fixies'...but despite how much it gets derided around "you-know-who"s site, i think it's great...'s basically healthy & maybe a certain percentage of the 'newbies' will actually catch the cycling bug for the long term...

...we can only hope...