Tuesday, July 29, 2008

US Open of Surfing

So, I went to the US open of surfing in Huntington beach to see some good surfing. The final heat delivered and Nathaniel Curran took the win putting him in the WQS rating lead, which means he's got a pretty good shot at the pro tour next year. And that's what I expected to see surfing.
What I didn't expect, was the sheer mas of bikes which descended upon Huntington Beach, most of them beach cruisers. Looking at the pictures I took many of them looked more like something out of Amsterdam than the US.

Lots of interesting bikes on display. there was this fixie sporting matching argyle seat and top tube pad, the official Gramin ironic coffee bike.

There was this cruiser thing with what may be the most unride able looking geometry I have ever seen. Note the seat height in relation to the handle bars
And a mint condition Schwin colegeate
There were these things:

See you next year!

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veloben said...


More, please of West Coast surf-bike culture. The Midwest is just so boring. Not even a ironic John Deere field bike or International Harvester red reaper bike.