Monday, July 21, 2008

Bike Route Badly Needed

Stretching from San Clement CA to Oceanside CA there are only two roads which you can ride to get from one town to the next. Separated by a military base sandwiched between the Pacific ocean and the Ortega mountain range. You can ride on camp Pendleton on the weekends, sometimes if there isn't a security alert and you have your ID. But if the guards aren't letting anyone on the base you have no access to the military roads and therefore must ride on the highway if you are going south. There if a bike lane seperate of the high way for part of the trip but once that ends you have go go on military roads or risk your life ridding on the 5 freeway. This is ubsurd the, a seprate bike route, adjacent to the highway needs to be built, I don't care if there is a fence the whole way down, just build it!

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