Friday, December 19, 2008

Rocket Fuel Cycling

One of my readers, Susan just sent me a a link to her website Rocket Rocket Fuel Cycling caps are hand made from a mix of recycled, reused, vintage and new materials. Many styles are exclusive editions of one, while others are of limited editions. I have to say Im digging em, but I would definitely like to see some more mens styles, because the ones they do have are very cool.

"You love your bike and you like to look good, or at least attempt to anyway. With a Rocket Fuel Cycling cap you can say 'yes I am wearing a business suit, but on my bike I can drop you so hard you'll wish you never got out of bed, and what's more I'll look good doing it."- Rocket

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Anonymous said...

most excellent k-wall:
("Seal Chillin' Wednesday Style," by Erik K)