Thursday, November 13, 2008

I've have been the proud owner of a BSNYC/RTMS 100% Cotton Wednesday Afternoon Lounging Smock (no Scothguard) for only a couple of days now, but all-ready the shirt has demonstrated the depths of its powers. Precisely two days after receiving the shirt, I have become the proud owner of a brand new custom built Swobo Sanches. I think this makes sense, bike snob himself today linked the Swobo lifestyle blog, how to avoid the bummer life. As such I think the shirt attracted the bike to me because it seems to be of a brand which snob view favorably. Regardless I'm stocked because the bike is awesome, and I eagerly await what other gifts and good fortune ownership of the shirt may bring.

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kale said...

Thank god you have the lever on the correct side, so it's not a break.