Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Travel: Jamestown Rhode Island

I visited James town this summer. Its a small island in the middle of Narragansett Bay. I went there to scout of possibilities for surf, but when I got there I realized its an ideal place to take a vacation and do some bike touring of the island. Needless to say its a small island, and you could probably ride around it five times in one day but there are many beaches, coves, and back roads to keep you busy. One thing the island lacks is any significant climbing, with the highest point being only a couple hundred feet, which depending on your out look is either a good or a bad thing. The real appeal of the island for cycling is its lack of traffic, with a small local population many of whom make tips by bike the streets are quite.

This is also due to the fact that the island is crossed over by a major highway and is considered by most motorist a landing point between two bridges. Most people that drive through don't bother to stop and get off the high way, as most of them are commuting from New Port to Narragansett or Providence. Another factor that deters people from driving there is to get to the island you have to pay a toll to use the bridge, which is something like a 1.25. Defiantly a cool place to check out, I will be out there is summer for sure.


Anonymous said...

A vacation of bike touring on a freaking island in Rhode Island? The whole state combined is barely big enough for a crit.

erik k said...

well.. I guess it would be more like bike touring to and from the various beaches on the island and your hotel. You could definitely hold a good crit on the island... 50 laps now go!

Andrew said...

No, there's a ton of beautiful stuff there. Jamestown's beautiful as is Newport through the Cape - there'd be plenty out there worth biking through.

Anonymous said...

Beavertail State Park, where the Lighthouse is located, is a great place for bike riding, and small enough to scale the rocky shore when you are through! Some of the most beautiful veiw you'll get in RI. Check out these pictures: